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Wireless Alarm with Data Sim Card

A wireless alarm system adds security to your house as well as office. There is a wide range of security alarm systems available in market. Some are based on CDMA network and GSM network. Proper understanding about the type of security requirement in your house and office is significant while buying an alarm system. Alarm security system can be unmonitored or monitored. An unmonitored system has flashing light and on-site sirens to alert your neighbors and monitored alarm system are those where a private company monitors your house or office 24 hours and alert police if required. With the advancement of technology, a user can monitor his or her house by mobile phone also.

GSM wireless alarm system features high volume siren and remotely controlled by mobile phone. It features message and voice alert and monitors living surroundings. It can be programmed to send multiple grouped text messages. It is able to send SMS to user when alarm is triggered. These alarm systems can also equipped with LCD screen with operating keypad and built in programming. GSM alarm system uses same GSM platform for house and office security which is used in communication in mobile phones.

GSM alarm system with sim card can make call or send message to land lines or CDMA mobile phone. Its standard features include sending image through e-mail or SMS which is taken by security camera. It has efficient and accurate motion detection quality for high security. An alarm system with trustworthy and up to date GSM technology can be a complete solution for house or office security. A wireless security alarm system removes the inconvenience created by cords. An alarm system can be easily installed by homeowner by simple tools. It is very easy to program by the user for the high level of security.A wireless security alarm system based on GSM network is simple, trustworthy and commercial and cost effective for residents. Traditional alarm systems are not so effective to meet the requirements of modern security and the need of advanced technology is felt. Here the need of advanced GSM security alarm system rise. These systems are with data sim card which are really effective to provide high quality of security.