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Modern Uses of Sim Cards

A SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module. It is a memory chip which is used in mobile phones. It allows the user to make calls and receive calls. SIM card stores data like personal identity information, text messages, phone book, cell phone number and many things more. Previously, sim cards were just made for the purpose of mobile phones but now many security device manufacturers are using them in CCTV, alarm systems, lone worker devices, GPS trackers and many other security devices. An internet connection is required in these devices. It is a machine to machine system as data is primarily send over GPRS mobile network.

Here are some modern uses of sim cards:
GSM Mosquito

Primarily GSM mosquito is designed for police. It can be activated or deactivated through mobile phone text message. A sim card is used in this system to allow it to work on GSM network. This automatic system can be used when there is no one to activate the device. The working of the system is very easy. Residents of the area are provided by the contact number of police officer. When ever the local resident feels that there is some problem, they can call the police officer and explain complete situation. If the appointed person feels requirement, he or she can send activate message to GSM Mosquito and specify the length of police patrolling.

Lone worker tracker
It is a device which is highly sensitive to GPS or GPRS system. The basic purpose of this device is to provide security to those employees who deal in isolated or dangerous areas. A sim card is used to support GPS system. Its features include panic button, real time tracking, national coverage, 2-way voice communication, silent call monitoring and latest GPS technology.

Alarm system
Alarm system can be installed in any vehicle, outhouse, boat etc. The vehicle must have 12 or 24 volts of power supply or it can be run on car battery. A sim card is used in the alarm system which is linked to a GSM network by discreet antenna. You are not required to pay any maintenance charges or annual fees, the only thing you need to pay for is text message sent.