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Data sim cards in lone worker devices

Lone worker devices are designed to provide safety to lone workers when they are working outside the office environment. There are many different types of lone worker devices. Lets have a look on some major lone worker devices.

Smartphone alert system
Now smart phone can also work as lone worker alarm system. It is an alternative to the top dedicated lone worker devices which is installed with special software. This device allows the user to activate or deactivate alerts and often use a voice call to direct an automated monitoring system. Its features include panic button with speed dial for emergency and GPS capabilities, although it depends on device functioning.

Mobile phone based on lone worker devices
The cheapest solution for the security of lone worker is system based on mobile phone. Mobile phone is linked to monitoring centers or any other alerting mechanism. Mobile phone uses its own network for identifying location as safety device. GPS in not available in this security device to provide information on location. Due to this reason, the degree of accuracy is lower. Its mechanism varies from device to device. Some systems use same process which is used in smart phones and other use text message which is easier to manage. As user acceptance is an important concept for success. Therefore, it should be taken critically. A panic button is also provided in these systems with speed dial number and also equipped with reminders of starting or ending of appointment.

Specialist devices
Many companies design special devices which are designed as lone worker alarms. These devices are designed in the form of id badge or pager with communication capabilities built in. lone worker can raise alarm for communication when he or she need assistance. These devices are integrated with built in data sim cards or GPS for location details. These systems are designed for does environment where degree of risk to lone worker is high. These devices provide highest level of protection but on the same side they are also expensive in comparison to other devices. The lone worker should be guided properly about the usage of lone worker device so that he or she can use it properly.