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CCTV with Data Sim Card

A modern CCTV security system includes software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room. CCTV security system provides high quality of security. CCTV is a closed circuit television camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or wired network. A special wireless security camera is also known as 3G CCTV camera. It has the capability of connecting to local 3G network and transmits live video remotely to users smart phone. An internet connection is very important to track security system from anywhere in the world.

A 3G CCTV camera is specially designed for those people who are constantly away from their home for pleasure or business purposes. If a family is planning for long vacation but want to know what is going on in their home after living for vacations, then they can apply 3G CCTV camera in their home and keep on tracking their home via smart phone. The alert system is capable of sending messages to your mobile phone when it detects any motion activity in your home. Data sim cards are used in 3G CCTV camera and supported by WCDMA 3G network.

The pod system is developing and expanding the range of Data sim cards. New technology is developed and new 3G data sim cards range is introduced in market with best signal quality. New 3G video transmission data sim cards and CCTV sim cards are hugely and faster successful in the market. These sim cards are specially designed for growing security video transmission in market place. Video transmission and other equipments in this market place are acutely gigabyte hungry. One of the few specialists of video data sim cards provider is podsystem and they perfectly suit to your applications. It overcomes the hindrance of other providers which are capable of 5 GB maximum.

Some of the enhanced functions of 3G CCTV camera include notification on mobile phone by voice call, video call or message. A platform is provided to manage home or office security system by mobile phone. A user can connect up to fifteen wireless sensors, for instance, smoke sensor, door magnet, pir sensor, gas sensor and heat sensor. 3G CCTV security system features 2 remote controls including manual operation and panic button to provide high profile security.