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Security:Applications with data sim cards

These days, use of data sim cards in wireless machine to machine applications is increasing rapidly and it is expected that it will exponentially increase in the next 3 years. A GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled application provides higher capacity, always-on, packet based data services and internet based content. With the use of GPRS sim card in wireless applications a user can host high data services including e-mail while moving, multimedia messages, location based services, internet browsing and powerful visual communication. Wireless machine to machine applications includes automated meter reading (AMR), vehicle security, freight and fleet management, video streaming, remote control and asset monitoring, vending machines and photo booths, traffic flow monitoring, environmental reporting and monitoring, ATM outlets and point of sale and healthcare.

Machine to machine is a technology that allows other devices to communicate on both wired and wireless system. M2M devices capture events on wired or wireless network and translate that event into meaningful information by software programs applications. Modern machine to machine communication system is changed into a system that transmits information to personal appliances and expanded beyond to one to one connection. M2M wireless is a leading Cellular Data Service provider of CDMA modems. Technical advancement in data communication is fueling the growth of M2M applications. Data sim cards work as vacant property security in security systems.

Wireless sim card alarm system send photograph of the person who enters your house without your permission. User can monitor his or her house from anywhere and anytime easily. The system protect users house by informing the user via sending SMS or MMS if someone enter the house. You can monitor your house from outside by sending a short message to the system. The system is capable of eliminating false alarm because of environment reasons. It has thermo image detection and monitoring of moving object with double detection technology. User can monitor the wireless system by mobile phone. The alarm system immediately informs the user and active pre recorded voice messages. Under the emergency situation, EMSD key silently inform the user without creating alarm sound. The security camera is equipped with night vision feature which provides 24 hours security to your house.