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CCTV with Data Sim Card

A modern CCTV security system includes software and hardware components to collect and transmit clips recorded to the control room. CCTV security system provides high quality of security. CCTV is a closed circuit television camera that transmits audio and video signals to the control room by wireless or wired network. A special wireless security camera is also known as 3G CCTV camera. It has the capability of connecting to local 3G network and transmits live video remotely to users smart phone. An internet connection is very important to track security system from anywhere in the world.

A 3G CCTV camera is specially designed for those people who are constantly away from their home for pleasure or business purposes. If a family is planning for long vacation but want to know what is going on in their home after living for vacations, then they can apply 3G CCTV camera in their home and keep on tracking their home via smart phone. The alert system is capable of sending messages to your mobile phone when it detects any motion activity in your home. Data sim cards are used in 3G CCTV camera and supported by WCDMA 3G network.

The pod system is developing and expanding the range of Data sim cards. New technology is developed and new 3G data sim cards range is introduced in market with best signal quality. New 3G video transmission data sim cards and CCTV sim cards are hugely and faster successful in the market. These sim cards are specially...

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Data sim cards in lone worker devices

Lone worker devices are designed to provide safety to lone workers when they are working outside the office environment. There are many different types of lone worker devices. Lets have a look on some major lone worker devices.

Smartphone alert system
Now smart phone can also work as lone worker alarm system. It is an alternative to the top dedicated lone worker devices which is installed with special software. This device allows the user to activate or deactivate alerts and often use a voice call to direct an automated monitoring system. Its features include panic button with speed dial for emergency and GPS capabilities, although it depends on device functioning.

Mobile phone based on lone worker devices
The cheapest solution for the security of lone worker is system based on mobile phone. Mobile phone is linked to monitoring centers or any other alerting mechanism. Mobile phone uses its own network for identifying location as safety device. GPS in not available in this security device to provide infor...

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Wireless Alarm with Data Sim Card

A wireless alarm system adds security to your house as well as office. There is a wide range of security alarm systems available in market. Some are based on CDMA network and GSM network. Proper understanding about the type of security requirement in your house and office is significant while buying an alarm system. Alarm security system can be unmonitored or monitored. An unmonitored system has flashing light and on-site sirens to alert your neighbors and monitored alarm system are those where a private company monitors your house or office 24 hours and alert police if required. With the advancement of technology, a user can monitor his or her house by mobile phone also.

GSM wireless alarm system features high volume siren and remotely controlled by mobile phone. It features message and voice alert and monitors living surroundings. It can be programmed to send multiple grouped text messages. It is able to send SMS to user when alarm is triggered. These alarm systems can also equipped with LCD screen with operating keypad and built in programming. GSM alarm system uses same GSM platform for house and office security which is used in communication in mobile phones.

GSM alarm system with sim card can make call or send message to land lines or CDMA mobile phone. Its standard features include sending image through e-mail or SMS which is taken by security ...

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Modern Uses of Sim Cards

A SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module. It is a memory chip which is used in mobile phones. It allows the user to make calls and receive calls. SIM card stores data like personal identity information, text messages, phone book, cell phone number and many things more. Previously, sim cards were just made for the purpose of mobile phones but now many security device manufacturers are using them in CCTV, alarm systems, lone worker devices, GPS trackers and many other security devices. An internet connection is required in these devices. It is a machine to machine system as data is primarily send over GPRS mobile network.

Here are some modern uses of sim cards:
GSM Mosquito

Primarily GSM mosquito is designed for police. It can be activated or deactivated through mobile phone text message. A sim card is used in this system to allow it to work on GSM network. This automatic system can be used when there is no one to activate the device. The working of the system is very easy. Residents of the area are provided by the contact number of police officer. When ever the local resident feels that there is some problem, they can call the police officer and explain complete situation. If the appointed person feels requirement, he or she can send activate message to GSM Mosquito and specify the length of police patrolling.

Lone worker tracker
It is a device which is highly sensitive to GPS or GPRS system. The basic purpose of this device is to provide security to those employees who deal in isolated or dangerous areas. A sim card is used to support GPS system. Its features include p...

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Security:Applications with data sim cards

These days, use of data sim cards in wireless machine to machine applications is increasing rapidly and it is expected that it will exponentially increase in the next 3 years. A GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enabled application provides higher capacity, always-on, packet based data services and internet based content. With the use of GPRS sim card in wireless applications a user can host high data services including e-mail while moving, multimedia messages, location based services, internet browsing and powerful visual communication. Wireless machine to machine applications includes automated meter reading (AMR), vehicle security, freight and fleet management, video streaming, remote control and asset monitoring, vending machines and photo booths, traffic flow monitoring, environmental reporting and monitoring, ATM outlets and point of sale and healthcare.

Machine to machine is a technology that allows other devices to communicate on both wired and wireless system. M2M devices capture events on wired or wireless network and translate that event into meaningful information by software programs applications. Modern machine to machine communication system is changed into a system that transmits information to personal appliances and expanded beyond to one to one connection. M2M wireless is a leading Cellular Data Service provider of CDMA modems. Technical advancement in data communication is fueling the growth of M2M applications. Data sim cards work as vacant property security in security systems.

Wireless sim card alarm system send photograph of the person who enters your house without your permission. User can monitor his or her house from anywhere and anytime easily. The system protect users house by informi...

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